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The CEVEP medical application for innovative management of central venous port (CVP): Technical issues and research challenges

Conference Paper
Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Jallouli, Jihene Rekik, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Amna Abidi and Nassim Bahri
ICDEc 2016: 68-73

The innovative management of the medical care process is becoming the top priority for improving the medical care quality. An innovative IT project is a complex and nonlinear process with interrelated stages. Its success depends on key organizational and individual factors; moreover on external variables. This paper aims to present an innovative medical IT project named “CEVEP” launched in December 2015 for the management of central venous port (CVP). The CEVEP project aims to improve the management process of medical interventions, reinforce the communication between main actors of the medical care process, improve the health care services and contribute then to prevent effectively from complications. This case study explains the main sub-processes of the idea generation, the conception, and the implementation of the innovative “CEVEP” software for the pediatric surgery service. The paper concludes with the main expected impact of the adoption of the CEVEP application by a large number of organizations in terms of the quality of management process of health care activities and to initiate mega research projects (based on continuously updated and enriched databases).